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    By Jecca

    Sized side snapping nappies handcrafted with love in Tasmania. Side snapping nappies are a great choice for all body types, adjusting to fit skinny minis and chunky monkeys alike. The ideal snap placement means leg and tummy snaps can be snapped independently, meaning legs can be snapped in tighter while allowing tummy room, or vice versa.

    Nappies come in two variations, minky nappies boast a super snuggly, luxurious minky outer, a hidden PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) layer meaning it is waterproof and does not require a cover, all lined with super soft microfleece to wick moisture and keep bottoms dry, reducing irritation on sensitive skin. PUL nappies have a silky PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) outer layer meaning it is waterproof and does not require a cover, all lined with super soft microfleece.

    Each nappy features tummy and back elastic for a snug fit. All elastics are rolled, making them super soft on delicate skin, preventing rub and reducing marks. Each nappy is carefully crafted for optimal comfort and fit.

    Snap in inserts consists of a shaped booster made from thirsty super heavy-duty bamboo fleece, topped with microfleece for moisture wicking. Plus a double layer super heavy-duty bamboo fleece fold up snake attached. Insert configuration allows for easy customisation, providing optimal absorbency, preventing leaks and maintaining comfort. All bamboo has been pre washed and dried, protecting inserts from shrinkage and starting the journey towards optimal absorbency. Further prepping is advised to reach maximum absorbency. Snap in absorbency allows for removal and easy drying.

     Small nappies fit approx. 4-9kg, medium 5-14kg and large 8-20kg.

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