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    Frank Cloth Nappies


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    Modern cloth nappies are designed to fit most babies from birth to toilet training (approx. 4kg-16.5kg). They have 3 rows of rise snaps to adjust fir around the legs.
    Our nappies feature a 'stay-dry' suede cloth lining on the inside. The space between the PUL outer layer and the stay dry lining forms a 'pocket', and, inserts can be placed inside this space. Urine will pass through the stay-dry lining and absorb into the inserts, keeping baby feeling dry. 

    Frank nappies feature a PUL tummy panel to prevent leaks caused by moisture wicking out the top of the nappy onto clothing. 

    We use premium quality natural bamboo terry and bamboo/cotton blend fabrics to ensure the highest absorbency and leak prevention. These natural fibres are safe to sit directly against baby's skin, meaning stuffing the inserts inside the pocket is optional. 

    Each nappy includes one high GSM bamboo terry 6 layer insert with an hourglass shape, AND one 5 layer bamboo/cotton blend insert which is smaller in size and rectangular in shape. Each insert can be used alone, or both together for heavier wetters and longer time periods. 

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