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    Lemon Myrtle Guest/Sample Soap

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    Our Lemon Myrtle Soap bar uses all-natural saponified olive oil and lemon myrtle oil. This Australian-made soap bar is one of our best-selling products. If you’re looking to soften and moisturise your skin and are searching for a product that has a fresh and invigorating scent, this is for you.

    Using our Lemon Myrtle soap is taking one of the easiest steps to reduce your household waste and go plastic-free!

    If your skin is dry, flaky, or in any way unhealthy, you need this soap. Our unique, natural blend of fragrant essential oils produces a smell comparable to Australian lemongrass. With no parabens, sulphates, or damaging chemicals, you will look stunning and soon the environment will, too. 

    The exclusion of toxic and wasteful ingredients means no more worrying about the adverse effects washing your hair could have on the environment. When you use our lovingly hand-crafted Australian products, you’re also showing your love for the environment.

    Guest soap: 20gm