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    Soft Foliage Waterproof Bassinet Sheet

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    Waterproof fitted bed sheets for the Little Human® in your life.

    Our difference? Just ONE sheet change, ONE item to wash and ONE item to put away.

    • Made from super soft organic cotton
    • Printed with eco-friendly dyes
    • Free from crackling, crunching and other absurd noises
    • Breathable waterproof membrane
    • Free from BPA's and other nasties
    • Hygenic barrier protection - perfect for daycare!
    • Easy care, wash with your regular laundry cycle

    For the 3am parenting win, layer two of our sheets on your mattress (one over top of the other). You’ll be high fiving yourself as you head back to bed quicker than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! 

    We make fitted cot sheets featuring a hidden waterproof layer in the reverse side.
    This means that you have an all-in-one waterproof fitted sheet, rather than a traditional separate mattress protector and fitted cot sheet.

    Our sheets can easily absorb up to 100mL of fluid, more than enough to cope with nappy leaks and milk spills. 

    Nope! Forget about any thoughts of a crunchy hospital mattress or plastic PVC layers. We have worked really hard to source the absolute best materials to create a product that looks and feels just like a regular fitted sheet when on your cot mattress. No crunching, we promise!

    The waterproof film we use is 0.02mm (less than half the width of the average human hair) which is bonded to a fabric layer. It also happens to be slightly flexible, so unlike crinkly cellophane, it moves with the fabric and feels soft to touch. The waterproof membrane is super thin, flexible and pretty much invisible when on your mattress. 

    Polyurethane laminate film is permeable to air. This means that it allows the flow of air molecules to pass through it's microscopic holes. However, larger molecules like water are too big to pass through and so the film is waterproof. 

    They certainly are, PUL is used in modern cloth nappies and medical grade textiles and dressings. It is totally stable and safe for use in babies and children's products. It contains no BPA's or other nasties.

    We follow the bedding recommendations provided by Red Nose which includes sleeping babies on a firm mattress, with no extra layers of padding added to the sheet that might interfere with the firmness of the surface.